Katy Young Beauty Director, BAZAAR & ELLE UK

When Katy Young last counted, she had tried over 3000 serums, 900 foundations and perhaps even more bottles of perfume. Needless to say, her 21 years beauty editing, as beauty director of BAZAAR, ELLE and previously The Telegraph, makes her one of our best beauty allies. 


What can Katy help with?

A beauty junkie by trade and a cynic by heart, Katy’s advice always comes with a dose of both passion and realism (inner beauty is of course the magic elixir to feeling great, but a good skincare routine doesn’t half help).  Mother to Dylan, and now well versed in what a mother truly needs in her kit, her beauty advice is inclusive, supportive and above all designed to have you feeling your best, fast.  Ultimately, Katy is here to hand hold through those confusing beauty aisles.

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