Rosie Stockley Pre-postnatal fitness specialist

Rosie Stockley, founded MAMAWELL to provide women with insight and education into their bodies in the pre and postpartum period and beyond, and the benefits that exercise can bring, both for strength and energy. She is well known for her holistic and intelligent approach to training the body, and the individual needs of each woman. She shares her honest approach to motherhood, alongside fitness content on her instagram community. 


What can Rosie help with?

Rosie is a mother to two girls and her experiences add to her approachable appeal for women wanting to be strong throughout this important time. Rosie’s narrative focuses on how to find balance and energy in our busy, multi-faceted roles as women. 

Rosie writes extensively for publications, presents on podcasts, represents brands and sits on panels highlighting the importance of fitness for mental health and the benefits of being strong throughout pregnancy and thereafter. She has 3 hugely popular online fitness programmes and is also a collaborator to the Women’s Health Collective, Women’s Health magazine’s online membership.

You can workout with Rosie online through pregnancy and postpartum with the Mamawell Method. For all women not going through the motherhood stage of life, Club Mamawell is the programme you need. 3 new workouts a week comprising cardio, strength, stretches and flow, plus extra content including yoga, pilates, mindfulness, recipes and community support. You will keep motivated and get fitter and stronger week by week.

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